This dataset is from Paracou field station, French Guiana, managed by Cirad. Traits are detailed in Marcon and Herault (2014), the distance matrix was built following Paine et al. (2011).



An object of class dist.


Permanent data census of Paracou.


Gourlet-Fleury, S., Guehl, J. M. and Laroussinie, O., Eds. (2004). Ecology & management of a neotropical rainforest. Lessons drawn from Paracou, a long-term experimental research site in French Guiana. Paris, Elsevier.

Marcon, E., Herault, B. (2015). Decomposing Phylodiversity. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 6(3): 333-339.

Paine, C. E. T., Baraloto, C., Chave, J., and Herault, B. (2011). Functional traits of individual trees reveal ecological constraints on community assembly in tropical rain forests. Oikos, 120(5), 720-727.


plot(density(Paracou618.dist, from=0), main="Distances between species")